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On March 14th 2011 the Federal Interior Public Service (or IBZ- Interieur Binnenlandse Zaken) is launching an information campaign on nuclear risk. The campaign has been carefully prepared and is accompanied by a pre-distribution of iodine tablets in planning zones around nuclear facilities. In this context circular 578 of the FAMHP reminds all pharmacists of their obligation to have a sufficient amount of potassium iodide in their pharmacy to face a possible nuclear or radiological emergency.

The template for submission of PSUR's (Periodic Safety Update Reports) and ASR's (Annual Safety Reports) annexed to the Circular 476 for the attention of the marketing authorisation holders of medicines and concerning the electronic submission of PSUR's and ASR's for medicines for human use, has been modified to attract the attention of the dossier managers when submitting a variation as part of a PSUR.

Nellcor SpO2 Durasensor sensors are used to measure oxygen saturation of blood, which allows one to assess the respiratory function. Counterfeit sensors have been found mainly in the Netherlands and Germany but also in Belgium. The health professionals who buy or use Nellcor SpO2 Durasensor sensors must therefore be vigilant and carefully monitor them in order to identify the counterfeit sensors and put them in quarantine.

The firm Hospira, marketing authorisation holder of Pentothal in vials containing 1 g of thiopental powder (for solution IV), has decided to stop for good the marketing of this product. Whilst waiting for a lasting solution to the availability situation and to meet the needs of patients, pharmacists can import a thiopental-containing medicine for injection approved and marketed abroad, as long as certain conditions are met.