Annual Report 2015


The annual report of the famhp for 2015 is available. We have compiled the main accomplishments that famhp collaborators are keen to highlight for 2015 in our newspaper, The famhp times. As usual, you will find in the booklet Our results in facts and figures the core activities and key figures of the agency for 2015.

- in English : The famhp times 2015 (Flipbook PDF) – Our results in facts and figures 2015 (Flipbook PDF)
- in French : Le monde de l’afmps 2015 (Flipbook PDF) – Nos résultats en chiffres 2015 (Flipbook PDF)
- in Dutch : Algemeen faggblad 2015 (Flipbook PDF) – Onze resultaten in cijfers 2015 (Flipbook PDF)
You can also ask for a paper copy of this annual report (as long as available) by mail to:


The federal agency for medicines and healthcare products (famhp) prepares the implementation of a National Innovation Office in order to promote and facilitate the research and development of new innovative medecines in Belgium. In this context famhp has developed a questionnaire, in order to fine-tune famhp’s current plans for implementing a National Innovation Office and to align the objectives of the Innovation Office to the current and future needs of SME’s and academia.

The federal agency for medicines and health products (famhp) published its annual report 2015.

The unit Scientific-Technical Advice & Knowledge Management has the pleasure to invite all those who are interested to the afternoon workshop “National & EU scientific regulatory support mechanisms and initiatives for innovation in drug development” organised by the federal agency for medicines & healthcare products (famhp) on Monday 02/05/2016.

As the famhp will be closed between Christmas and New Year, and to minimize the administrative backlog, we advise you to foresee December 21st, 2015 as the final date for submitting requests for national scientific and/or technical-regulatory advice. New requests for scientific and technical regulatory advice that are received after December 21st, 2015 will not be validated before we start our activities again on Monday January 4th, 2016.
As the famhp will be closed from Christmas to the New Year, we advise you to foresee December 20, 2015 as the final date on the one hand for submitting requests for new marketing authorisations, variations, renewals and requests for parallel importation for medicines for human use or veterinary use, on the other hand to foresee December 22, 2015 as the final date for the submissions introduced to the Division “Research & Development”. The validation of dossiers submitted after this date will only start on January 4, 2016.
The famhp has updated the e-Submission guidelines in order to underline the required use of the electronic application form starting from the 1st of January 2016.
Last updated on 23/09/2015